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 From the Editor

Superfactory has just launched a series of online self-paced e-learning modules on the core concepts of lean manufacturing. Professionally developed, the audio/visual modules are ideal for introducing new employees to lean, allowing motivated employees to learn more, and to train offsite or remote employees. An interactive knowledge check ensures the concept was learned, with a report emailed to the training coordinator. Learn more about the new Superfactory Online Learning Center.


As always we appreciate your support for our mission to spread manufacturing excellence knowledge. Click here for more information on sponsorships.


- Kevin Meyer

 Manufacturing Excellence News

 In the Blog

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The book is finally published! A 450-page categorized compilation of favorite posts from the Evolving Excellence blog, this book offers different - even outright contradictory - viewpoints that explore various aspects of lean enterprise excellence. Sometimes tongue in cheek, usually provocative, occasionally humorous, but always passionate, the authors point out the failures of companies, organizations, and individuals in the manufacturing industry while also lauding those that understand true excellence.
Now available from Amazon for only $29.95!


Recent posts in the Evolving Excellence blog include:

 Upcoming Events

Visit the Superfactory Events Calendar for the full list of events.


10 Jul

Hearth & Home Shingo Prize Workshop - Mt. Pleasant, IA - AME - www.ame.org

17 Jul Lean Enterprise Overview & Pipe Simulation - Mukilteo, WA - Gemba Research - www.gemba.com
18 Jul Lean Accounting With Brian Maskell - Boston, MA - GBMP - www.gbmp.org
18 Jul Value Stream Mapping - Mukilteo, WA - Gemba Research - www.gemba.com
19 Jul

Cultivating a Lean Culture - New Haven, CT - AME - www.ame.org

19 Jul Practical Process Control Training - Tuning PID - Atlanta, GA - Business Industrial Network - www.bin95.com
19 Jul 5S & Workplace Organization - Mukilteo, WA - Gemba Research - www.gemba.com
24 Jul Standard Work - Mukilteo, WA - Gemba Research - www.gemba.com
25 Jul PLC Training Workshop - St. Louis, MO - Business Industrial Network - www.bin95.com
25 Jul Lean Office & Admin - Atlanta, GA - Georgia Tech - www.dlpe.gatech.edu
25 Jul 3P Production Preparation Process - Mukilteo, WA - Gemba Research - www.gemba.com
26 Jul Customer Request - Mukilteo, WA - Gemba Research - www.gemba.com
30 Jul

Lean Bronze Certification Review & Exam - Little Rock, AR - AME - www.ame.org

30 Jul Lean Experience - Novi, MI - Lean Learning Center - www.leanlearningcenter.com
10 Aug Lean Enterprises: Maximizing Value - Chicago - Transformance Advisors - www.transformanceadvisors.com
14 Aug

Lean Implementation Through Value Stream Mapping - Mt. Deerfield, WI - AME - www.ame.org

15 Aug Certified Lean Master - San Antonio, TX - Transformance Advisors - www.transformanceadvisors.com
15 Aug PLC Training Workshop - Atlanta, GA - Business Industrial Network - www.bin95.com
16 Aug Lean Purchasing - Boston, MA - AME - www.ame.org
22 Aug

Lean Journey at M2 Global - San Antonio, TX - AME - www.ame.org

27 Aug Certified Lean Master - San Francisco, CA - Transformance Advisors - www.transformanceadvisors.com
30 Aug

AM Hummer H2 Tour - Mishawaka, IN - AME - www.ame.org

27 Sep Lean Accounting Summit - Orlando, FL - www.leanaccountingsummit.com
22 Oct AME Annual Conference - Chicago, IL - AME - www.ameconference.org
 Featured Book

Lean Cost Accounting
by Jim Huntzinger

Huntzinger has marshaled little-known historical evidence to show how accounting figures came to be a very misleading way to manage a manufacturing company. He proposes abolishing meaningless figures too abstract from reality. Where cost figures are needed, derive them from simple parameter and process-based cost models that correspond with physical reality. This change in thinking opens an escape hatch from the traps that prevent companies from addressing their 21st century challenges.

More information



Can Lean Exit the Tool Age?
by Bob Emiliani




Lean management advocates have recently begun concerted efforts to push Lean out of the tool age and help people understand Lean as a management system. This article examines what happened when the advocates of an earlier system of management, Scientific Management, sought to change the widely-held view that it was nothing more than a set of tools to improve efficiency. Knowledge of their efforts might help us succeed, provided Lean has not already suffered too much damage.


Scientific Management was the hot new industrial management practice starting in the late 1890s through the 1940s. But soon after the principles and practices of this new management system were codified in 1911, most managers and observers started to interpret it as nothing more than a set of tools to improve efficiency. Other people saw it as a ruthless way to benefit corporations and their shareholders at the expense of workers. They also failed to acknowledge its long evolution in thinking and practice which corrected many of its deficiencies.


Almost immediately the advocates and foremost practitioners of Scientific Management were put on the defensive. It was so controversial that its principal architect, Frederick Winslow Taylor, was called to testify before a House Committee in 1912. Taylor had to explain to members of the committee that the management system he and others created was not evil, and went to great lengths to set the record straight over four days of testimony.


Read entire article


 Featured Blog Post

MalcolmThe Obesity Epidemic
by Dan Markovitz



On my too-frequent flights to New York recently, I started reading Michael Pollan's book, The Omnivore's Dilemma. It's a trip up and down the food chain from a naturalist's perspective, and one of his first stops is an examination of corn.


Government policies over the years have led to overproduction of this crop, from 4 billion bushels in 1970 to 10 billion bushels today. At the same time, because supply exceeds demand and prices are so low, federal government payments to farmers -- for corn alone -- comes to slightly more than $4 billion.


There are plenty of lean lessons here, from the folly of "push" production (even in food) to government muda. But what's really interesting is Pollan's view of the result of this overproduction


Read entire post (you can also view and post comments)


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